Back in Black

Back in Black

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Back in Black  (Audio CD) 
by AC/DC

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BACK IN BLACK is the 6th best selling album in US History and has went 19 times platinum. This digitally remastered contains a 16 page booklet with unpublished photos, classic memorabilia, and new liner notes by the Rolling Stone's David Fricke.

Product Details
Audio CD Release Date:February 18, 2003
Number Of Discs:1
Format:Original recording remastered
Average Customer Rating: based on 1095 reviews

Track Listing
1. Hells Bells
2. Shoot to Thrill
3. What Do You Do for Money Honey
4. Givin the Dog a Bone
5. Let Me Put My Love Into You
6. Back in Black
7. You Shook Me All Night Long
8. Have a Drink on Me
9. Shake a Leg
10. Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 1095 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

197 of 208 found the following review helpful:

5The Quintessential AC/DC Album Is Now Even Better!  Mar 08, 2003 By highway_star
Released in 1980, "Back In Black" featured new lead singer Brian Johnson who replaced former singer Bonn Scott who died months earlier. With the death of Scott, there were sceptics that thought this was the end of the hard rocking Aussy band. But to their surprise "Back In Black" was a huge success with absolutely no filler tracks. The album produced a number of hits with the title "Back In Black", "Hells Bells" and "You Shook Me All Night Long". In my opinion some of the best songs on the album were not hits such as "Shoot To Thrill", "What Do You Do For Money Honey" and "Shake A Leg". With the addition of Johnson to the line up the band seemed to be stronger than ever, and Angus Young's guitar licks are absolutely amazing. Just listen to the lead guitar in "Shake A Leg" and I'm sure you'd agree. Numerous soundtracks have included AC/DC songs from this album, notably the Steven King film "Maximum Overdrive" which featured "Hells Bells" and "You Shook Me All Night Long". This newley remastered edition of "Back In Black" now on the Epic Label surpasses the older 1994 remastered version in that the volume is pumped up higher, there's definately more bottom end and mid-range. I actually listened to both versions of the disc and this new one blows the other away. The digipack that stores the new remastered version is attractive and there's an excellent booklet inclosed with color photos, etc. of the band. If you want to hear hard rock the way it was meant to be then pick this superb cd up and enjoy.

42 of 43 found the following review helpful:

5Still the best  Feb 18, 2004 By Docendo Discimus
In February 2003, the American distribution rights to AC/DC's back catalog transferred over to Epic, their new label. Epic then reissued the band's catalog as remastered digipacks containing lavish, expanded booklets with plenty of rare photographs, memorabilia and notes.
Although the digipacks may wear a little too easy, the sound is terrific, clean and muscular, enhancing the raw qualities of the original record. And "Back In Black" certainly deserves this kind of loving treatment; it is AC/DC's best and most popular album by far, having sold well over forty million copies worldwide, which makes it one of the ten best-selling albums ever, regardless of genre.
(AC/DC remains the single best-selling hard rock or heavy metal band in the world, nearing the 150.000.000 mark, and outselling bands like The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and even the mighty Led Zeppelin.)
"Back In Black" is one of rock's all-time classic records. Not a single weak track is included, even the lesser-known album tracks are strong, and it is filled with powerful riffs, huge hooks and tough, bluesy grooves.
The lyrics are a joke, of course, all booze and sex and rock n' roll, and Brian Johnson screams rather than sings, but AC/DC at the top of their game wrote the best, catchiest hard rock songs you can imagine, like the grand, anthemic "Hell's Bells" or the magnificent title track.
And AC/DC doesn't just thrash away or plod along like your average heavy metal band; they literally swing on "Have A Drink On Me", and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young churns out one sturdy riff after another. Just listen to the incredible groove he lays down on songs like "Given The Dog A Bone", "Back In Black", "You Shook Me All Night Long", and the slow, bluesy (and superbly sleazy) "Let Me Put My Love Into You".
Hard rock doesn't get any better than this. In fact, it barely ever gets this good.

110 of 122 found the following review helpful:

5"Back in Black" - Remastered.  May 18, 2003 By The Groove
At this point, I really don't need to tell you the story behind "Back in Black." You already know that it's the first AC/DC album since founding member Bon Scott's death and the first featuring replacing singer Brian Johnson. You already know that it's one of the biggest-selling albums around the world. And you already know that it's the Aussie-based group's best album to date. What you may NOT know is that the repackaged and remastered edition is a must-have, even if you already own prior versions on LP, cassette, or CD. Re-released around the time the band received Rock and Roll Hall of Fame status, "Back in Black" appears in a Digipak cover with cool photos of the band, as well as a nice booklet with more pictures and a well written commentary by Rolling Stone veteran editor David Fricke. And the sound quality? I personally listened to the previous CD edition and this version back to back, and not only can you hear the difference but also FEEL the difference. The new version projects with more force and clarity. The previous CD was okay as it was, but Sony really took it to a whole new level. You'll get to hear tracks like "Hells Bells," "Back in Back" and "Shoot to Thrill" like you never heard them before. So this review should end any speculation as to whether you should buy "Back in Black" again. You can never own too many copies of an album like this, and Sony gave it the upgrade it richly deserves.

41 of 44 found the following review helpful:

5AN ALL-TIME CLASSIC JUST GOT BETTER!!!  Feb 18, 2003 By Larry Davis
OK, firstly, AC/DC's catalogue is now going through Epic/Sony, after 20+ years of being in the Warner family. Now, hearing these new reissues, esp. "Back In Black", is like having a wool blanket removed from the speakers. These are taken from the original 2-track masters, first time ever, and the difference really shows!! This doesn't sound like an album recorded 23 years ago!! It sounds like it was recorded just yesterday!! As a result, you can file AC/DC's "Back In Black" under the category TIMELESS PURE UNADULTERATED ROCK N ROLL!!
Produced by UBERPRODUCER Robert John "Mutt" Lange, aka Mr Shania Twain, this album, and the 1 before + one after, are what gave him his reputation as a producer. As later with Def Leppard, Foreigner and especially Shania Twain, Mutt's trademarks are the boosting of the middleranges and emphasis on lead vocals + backing GANG vocals. This really shows on BIB, and you can hear this influence on those later records. Basically, the guy deserves his wealth, as he knew what he was doing, and this album is just very well-done, period.
The band is at the top of their game as well, which really was a miracle, considering the circumstances. The great Bon Scott dying tragically, and getting the whiskey-soaked Brian Johnson, formerly of Geordie, to take his place. This coulda been a disaster bar none, but Brian was a perfect fit, still with the band to this day, the album was a masterpiece, songwriting, performance-wise, and production-wise, and this all happened as their popularity just exploded!!
Every song is a gem, a perfect example of pure, pull-no-punches, back-to-basics, bluesy rock + roll. It seems like every song here was a hit too, as each one had it's share of airplay on rock radio, plus 2 singles made the US Top 40!! The songs never grow old either, don't sound dated or show their age. Every song works on their own as a single, yet flow masterfully from beginning to end as a complete work. Basically, the album was flawless, is flawless, and will continue to BE flawless!! It's one of those albums, where if someone asks you what rock + roll is, you can play him/her this album, and you can say "here's your answer". From the doomy opening "Hells Bells" to the catchy energetic "Shoot To Thrill" to the golddigger putdown "What Do You Do For Money Honey" to the raunchy "Givin The Dog A Bone" to the slow seductive "Let Me Put My Love Into You" to the classic 1-2 punch "Back In Black" + "You Shook Me All Night Long" (covered by Anastacia + Celine Dion??!!?? on VH1 Divas Las Vegas) to the cool "Have A Drink On Me" to the catchy "Shake A Leg" and ending with the statement of purpose "Rock + Roll Ain't Noise Pollution", with the line "It's Just Rock + Roll, yeah", it's just a perfect album, period!!
Buy it and treasure it. Guaranteed, in 50 years, it will sound shiny and new. Believe me, if you think pop music is all plastic ... these days, all manufactured and just junk, pop this baby on, and your faith in rock + roll will be instantly renewed.
May AC/DC keep on going and going and going....

17 of 17 found the following review helpful:

3This is a review of the LP pressing, not the album  Apr 25, 2011 By D. Tonya "the_digital_dan"
This album is called "McHeadbanger: over 20 million served" for a reason. It's one of the all-time classics, no doubt. However my review is not for the album itself but rather this LP pressing. The LP is nice and on heavy weight 180g vinyl; something I'm glad to see the industry leaning towards. However, the surface quality of the LP is rather dubious. I fould the LP to have a lot of surface noise and light crackle. I have a $1000 turntable setup with a $500 stylus, so I know a good pressing when I find one. For example, The Van Halen I 180g reissue sounds absolutely dead quiet (another classic you should just buy now). So I think there is definitely room for improvement on "Back in Black".

Still, this LP issue does bring back the warmth and dynamics that are missing from the overly volume limited CD remastered edition. Unlike the CD edition, the only thing overdriven here are Angus's guitar lines! So if you can live with an more elevated amount of surface noise than you should get from a virgin 180g vinyl release, then this is the edition to get. It helps that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg either...

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