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Flavor of Love - The Complete First Season

Flavor of Love - The Complete First Season
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Flavor of Love - The Complete First Season

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The complete first season of the TV series Flavor of Love.

Product Details
Actors:Flavor Flav, Dion Graham, Tiffany Pollard, Becky Johnston, Ricky B. Head
Director:Robert Sizemore
Format:Multiple Formats, Box set, Color, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC
Number of Discs:3
Studio:Paramount / MTV
Run Time:493 minutes
DVD Release Date:August 29, 2006
Average Customer Rating: based on 67 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 67 customer reviews )
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11 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Flavor Of Love- The Complete First Season  Oct 18, 2006 By Amy Lynn
Flavor Flav is back. In Flavor of Love, 20 women from all walks of life are selected for their love of Flav, but only 15 move into his 'phat crib' in Los Angeles and vie for his affection with the help of Big Rick, Flavs gigantic bodyguard and chauffeur. Be prepared to be entertained with this 3 disc set of all 10 episodes from Season 1 plus Special Features.

List of Episodes and Features-
Disc 1
Episode 1- ''15 Beds and a bucket of puke'', In this episode Flavor Flav welcomes 20 women to his 'Mackadocious' Mansion. Flav is introduced to all the women and they all start to vie for his attention.
Episode 2- ''Rub a Dub Flav'', Flav challenges his remaining Flavorettes to a hot tub speed-dating competition. The next day the winners accompany Flav on a Roller Date where he asks probing questions about their past relationships. 5 More go home by the end of the night.
Episode 3- ''A Friend of Flav's is a Friend of Mine'', In this episode Flav presents the girls with 2 challenges. One includes assisting at an old folks home and the other is a birthday party with twenty five screaming four year olds.
Episode 4- ''The Flavor of Chicken'', Flavor Flav has another special suprise for his eight remaining ladies: Meeting his Mother Anna Drayton and then going to church and a nice tea party. The next day the girls attempt to make fried chicken. The girl who makes the best chicken gets the date with Flav. This is the infamous 'chicken in the microwave' episode.

Disc 2
Episode 5- ''What happens In Flavor stays in Flavor'', Flava flies the 7 remaining women to Vegas on his private jet. The girl who wins the most money wins the private date. This episode also has the 'Five Senses Heptathlon' and one girl ends up leaving.
Episode 6- ''InterroGitted'',- There are 6 girls left so Flav brings out the big guns and brings in Brigitte Nielson to give the girls lie detector tests. Then she advises Flav on who she thinks he should keep. Also, a suprise ending.
Episode 7- ''Flavs Trippin'', With Four girls left Flav decides to hit the road. He takes 2 to palm springs for a spa retreat & the other 2 to the Zoo. There will be one suite and 2 girls. Whos going to be the third wheel and whos going home?
Episode 8- ''Family Flavors'', Things are getting serious so Flav decides its time to meet the parents. This is the 'famous' episode with Pumkin and New York. Ends with the most bitter and brutal eliminations ever.

Disc 3
Episide 9-''The slaps, smacks, screams and spit you never saw'', This episode shows everything. It's basically a recap of most of the show with some new things added in.
Episode 10-: ''Viva La Flav'', Final 2 girls remain. Flav takes them to Puerto Vallarta for an intense 24 hours alone with each girl. We know both will be impressed, but which one gets to live that kind of lifestyle once elimination is over?

Special Features-
The Reunion Special: ''After the Lovin''
Flavor Flav and all his original 20 Flavorettes are back for a reunion show like youve never seen before.. Flav and the girls give updates on their lives, offer their 2 cents and air dirty laundry. Plus New York and Pumkin finally square off about the spit incident once and for all.
Flav's Filosophies: 20 very brief 'filosophies' of Flav such as 'Inner Beauty', 'Girl of his Dreams' and 'Occult'.
New York Hospitality: Segment with never before seen conversations between New York, Flav and other girls in the house.
Pumkin's Blac-U-Cation: Pumkin teaches the girls about White Slang. Such as 'Speech 101', Dance 101 and Hair Care 101.

This is mindless entertainment at its finest. Enjoy.

10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5Hilarious show  Sep 05, 2006 By Kenneth Vera
this is the unrated first season of the flavor of love.

yes.. it is unrated as in all the language is there and most of the body shots are also uncensored. New York's shots are uncensored and smiley's strip tease is uncensored. However, pumkin is still censored and the one girl who jumps into the shower in episode 4 is censored. Also, the girl who shows her [...] to hottie in the famous "i look like beyonce" scene is also uncensored.

anyway.. there are all 10 episodes, the reunion, and a couple things they didnt show about pumkin trying to act black and some more of New York's outtakes. If you have already seen the season and the reunion the extras arent worth it, and you should buy this only if you want to relive the season without the bleeps and censors.

i bought this dvd because i love the show and like watching the fights over and over again.

the show is hilarious and over the top at times.. and has one of the funniest reality [...] of all time, New York.

15 of 17 found the following review helpful:

5The Romantic Side Of Flavor Flav  Oct 13, 2006 By Tyrone Williams
It's Flavor Of Love starring the one & only Flavor Flav and 20 beautiful women who are willing to do anything (lie, back-stab, cat-fight, snitch, etc.) to be the one woman by Flav's side. This show is HILARIOUS!

20 women from various backgrounds compete to win Flav's love through challenges (cooking, gambling, 5 senses, etc.) to win a private date with Flav and through intimate one-on-one sessions to see what each girl is really about - Which girl really loves Flav and which girl is there to pursue her own interests (modeling, TV career or Flav's fame & fortune). Watching each girl's fate unfold through the eliminations is what keeps my interest in this show. Some of the girls were:

NEW YORK - From day one, her focus was to have Flav for her very own. Making it clear that she would not "play fair" or "make friends", she creates as much drama as she can to eliminate the other girls. Her determination (& underhandedness) gets her as far as the final elimination (and subsequently another shot at Flav in Season 2).

RED OYSTER - She's sexy, has a thing for the color red, and was Flav's self-appointed in-house spy. She made it her duty to inform Flav of any & all shady activities that the other girls were up to - with Flav's best interests at heart, of course. Quite a shocker to find out that she was still married while she was on the show.

HOTTIE - Her appearance on "Blind Date" exposed her as a gold digger, A polygraph test revealed her as a habitual liar and her "raw-chicken-with-veggies" meal ceritfied her as the worst cook in the world. The whole "I look like Beyonce" thing was probably the funniest moment on the show.

SERIOUS - The "misunderstood" model. Though she claims she wasn't there to further her modeling career, she didn't make her intentions with Flav clear enough - if she had any intentions at all.

SWEETIE - Flav's mother said to him that Sweetie appeared "desperate" to win and during her final one-on-one she seemed to be coming on pretty strong with him, perhaps to stay in the competition. Maybe that was the reason she was eliminated. But I think Flav should have kept her (instead of Hottie) because despite her childhood trauma with chicken, she was a trooper and cooked it for him anyway.

GOLDIE - I loved Goldie! I think she should have won! Of all the girls, she was the most down to earth and (according to the polygraph test) the most honest. In spite of the fact that she got a little TOO TIPSY before the first elimination, she proved that she could hold her own in the competiton. She was sweet, very funny and quite sexy, as demonstrated by that HOT kiss she laid on Flav during his date with her & New York (Goldie, where have you been!!!). Her admitting to Flav that she "just wanted to be his friend" was what eliminated her but I think if she really wanted him she could have been the winner. Flav was obviously "feeling" her.

HOOPZ - The girl who came out on top. She was also very down to earth and very beautiful. She would not resort to the "sexual tactics" some of the other girls used to get Flav and that made her genuine. Her ace in the hole was when she went on the date with Flav & his mother after winning the "chicken" competition. She won over Flav's mom while being herself the whole time. Though later it would turn out that she and Flav were not meant to be, she deserved to win.

I won't say much about the "spitting incident", other than it made Pumkin the worst contestant on the show and possibly all of reality TV.

This DVD contains all of the episodes with uneditied language, some brief nudity, the reunion show (After The Lovin') and other extra features.

This weekend we'll see the conclusion of Season 2 - will New York win this time?

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Flava Flav!!!!!  Sep 13, 2006 By Gab
This is a great dvd, it is almost all uncensored, you hear all the f-bombs drop. And some of the girls topless like the last review said. The problem was at the shower scene like it was metioned. They censored that the topless and it was the hottest part. Which I found ridiculus. I guess the last reviewer might be right, saying that they probably didnt sight a release, but if thats the case, that dumby pumpkin should have. Ive seen her topless, all naked in the blind date uncensored they show on ppv, and one of the other shows. I cant believe she didnt want to be seen in this one. Anyways, good dvd, good extras, well worth the watch.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4better than what public Enemy has done in years  Oct 22, 2006 By MAXIMILLIAN MUHAMMAD "mistermaxxx08"
i give Flav props on a show that is funny. it's as funny as Public Enemy was back in the day with there Abbott&Costello Routines that chuck D&Flavor flav would do playing off one another(all them so-Called Conscious acts are Buffoons at the end of the day for the highest bidder anyway) i give Flavor Flav Props for also not being a "Never Was" in a Backing Band on the VH1 Honors&also not allowing himself to being seen as a "Has-Been" on such a show either. He did it the right way in Reality Tv&Will be alright in the bigger picture. the rest of Public Enemy should take heed&get on there own Reality show. flavor flav had the right idea at the right time&also is hooking up with some fly babes.

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